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Call Me Up (The Phone Is In The Cradle) (Rogers Kenny)

My friends they don’t talk much ‘bout the legend My friends they don’t talk much anyway When they do, I know I better listen, ‘cos my good friends just naturally know The right things to say, they say: Call me up the phone is in the cradle, Get yourself a liver to my door, But if you saw any plan and if you got the time, We could talk the night away. I don’t got so lonely and I’ve gotta He said: it’s tough to be the only man alive, He said: I’d give a river for just somebody to talk to We’re thinking in lighting out for biting, We came strolling by, she said: Call me up the phone ... Now Rosy was a queen of the all night cowboy, She said: Texas boy using kind of shy Don’t you expect the nimble’s invitation, Just knock on the wall Track down the hall and drop on by, she said: Call me up ...