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Samaritan (The Long Winters)

Please don't report me to the police I wanted to help but I can't stick around Do what you have to do but remember I helped you out If and when you see me again just pretend we never met I needed to do that for myself Just get away from here and maybe it will never come up again This is what they mean by “standing in for the sane” I wouldn't normally but my bread became hell You sounded in pain and I knew nothing would change by your scream Just so you don't think everyone's the same way Tomorrow I prob'ly won't remember I did a thing You just need to make sure you're OK I need to get the hell out of here I'm sure the cops are on their way Please forget my face This is what they mean by “standing in for the sane” They'll never bother anyone again Hold my hand through this long walk Tell me I can when I balk and go to fall These are men on either side with threatening hands Put my spinning head in a soft clamp Going down a grey ladder With a dry glare every ten feet And no hands