It's Only Love (ZZ Top)

B5 1. I'm gonna tell ya what it's all about F#5 sweet thang's try'n' to put me out F#5 B5 she's gone and found herself another man B5 F#5 she's try'n' to let me down as fast as she can F#5 E5 B5 R: It's only love it drives me crazy B5 E5 it's only love pretty baby F#5 baby what you tryin' to do 2. Well after runnin' round a time or two I found out only the best will do well it's your own fault for lettin' her go so maybe now you'll take it slow R: 3. Well it's all over now but the cryin' i keep on payin' the price for my lyin' don't let it get you down it ain't nothin' new you ain't the only one that it's happend to R: